Alex Jones


Why is Alex Jones allowed to continue what he does and has not been taken off the air? Well I believe it is because he is such a magnet for likeminded people, and because of this the watchers are watching for people who decide to follow what Alex asks of them.

It is unfortunate that when he calls for people to stand up and be counted, the authorities swoop on those who try, and stop them in their tracks. This has been my experience, for when I started to spread the word of Infowars, I was set upon and persecuted to this day. Alex then is allowed to broadcast as he is helping the system unintentionally.

There is of course a flip-side to this, while Alex is correct in that if we do not stand up we will not win, if our likeminded people do stand up then we are easily picked off by the authorities and silenced.

Now hereís the rub, if enough people stand up then the authorities will be overwhelmed and will not be able to stop the message getting out.

Is this likely? I donít know, and only time will tell.


Am I wrong?