Anatomy Of A Name


I was listening to Coast To Coast and to an interviewee talking about a ossuary that may have contained the remains of Jesus Christ. The speaker Scott Wolter was describing the ossuary and its markings, and focussed on a star symbol that he determined was a monogram of two letters from the Hebrew alphabet that identified this ossuary not just as belonging to a man named Jesus, but to the Jesus Christ. His evidence was presented in combination with other ossuary's found in the same area baring the names of new testament biblical figures.

This interview gave me a revelation and with this new thinking came a blissful feeling that dropped from my head to my heart and this identified the significance of the revelation.

I started to question my name, Laz, its origin and its meaning. I was given this nickname by a friend, Andrew Park, in the early Nineties, and have kept it ever since. I knew already that my given nickname may reference the name Lazarus; the friend of Jesus Christ. Jesus is said to have visited the dead Lazarus and ressurect him to give him a second life. However this did not satisfy me entirely, there is some vauge connection to what I experienced on Christmas 2013 but this did not feel like enough.

I began to question the structure of the name and simply wonder at the letters in it, and at their significance. There are three letters, L, a, and z, and I didn't know of any significance to these in English. So after listening to the radio show i decided to find out what the letters would be in Hebrew. It is here that I had my mind blown. The latter two letters of my nickname are the first and the last letters of the alphabet, in Hebrew these are the same letters as was on the Jesus ossuary. Scott Walker said that these appearing together represented the Alpha and Omega that Jesus claimed to be. While this is a sudden jump to Greek now, it sent shudders through me at the significance.

So what about the L then. Well in Hebrew the letter L is the same pictogram as in English, but it means something in Hebrew. It has the name Lam, or Lamed and the meaning is of a shepards crook, and it represents a teacher and a yoke. In one modern representation it looks like a snake! Again the shudder of recognition at the significance of this.

When I put these things together I draw the following conclusion. The Name Laz has the meaning of a teacher of the first and the last. A name that is preordained as significant to spiritual learning and of bearing the load of a yoke of the world. Given my Yoga experience this fits neatly too, and suggests to me that the nature of this teaching is a blend of Christianity and Hinduism. Exactly what I have previously come to understand.

Now to see all this and remain humble is quite a feat, but I think I am managing thanks to all I have been through. This is not an ego rush, but a clarification of a previous thought on being a Bodhisattva.


What does your name mean?