Well Shankar Warrier has done it for me again, and I thank him again. He has now introduced me to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and to the concept of atma-vichara.

Upon reading about it I was struck with the realisation that an aspect of my life, something that I had always done had a name, and it wasn't just something that I did uniquely.

The concept of atma-vichara is of self-investigation or self-attentiveness and what this means is that in any given situation one investigates what it means to them and how "I" fits into the situation. This practice requires a lot of concentration, which thankfully I have been blessed with, and it requires looking at the situation from many perspectives and analysing every decision or word spoken to understand both how it is given, and how it would be received. It can be maddening sometimes when I'd rather forget an event and cannot. My brain it seems is hardwired to do this self-investigation, maybe by heredity or by nurture. Now that I think about it I have a feeling that my mother does this too.

Anyway, here is another notch on my belt of commonality with Indian tradition and another piece of the puzzle of my life.


Do you self-investigate?