Christianity Vs Kundalini

So, I have been in discussion with an evangelical Christian over religious matters, and he has raised a concern that the practice of Yoga is not compatible with that of Christianity. Now this flies in the face of advice that I was previously given by a Yoga teacher, and is causing me to halt and reassess the underlying nature of Kundalini.

On the face of it Kundalini Yoga is nothing offensive or negative and is simply the control over ones self and ones awareness. While it comes with a lot of hype about the "powers" one can attain by using it, my experience of this is just sales hype and it is not a true aim of the practice.

The fact that Kundalini is represented as an image of a coiled snake could be a danger sign for Christians as it may ellude to the snake in the garden of Eden, however this is also the image of general medical practice and i'm pretty sure Christians do not have an issue going to see their doctor for help.

On the subject of powers, God promises Christians powers too (1 corinthians 12), and I can equate this with the talk of psychic ability or prophetic knowledge in Kundalini, so again it doesn't seem to me that there is discord here.

Now my final judgement comes directly from my experience; when I first had an experience I did not know about Kundalini. I believed that the surge of electric like energy was a gift from the Christian God to protect me.

Subsequent to this I went looking for an explanation of this experience and only in retrospect found it explained by descriptions of Kundalini with Ida, Pingala, Sooshumna, etc.

For me this proves that I am not putting the cart before the horse, nor Yoga before Christianity, and that the two philosophies are compatible. While the experience is not described in detail in the bible I think it may be equated to the Ecstacy of the Saints as commonly attributed to Saint Paul.



Have you faced this?