Christmas Revelation

My experience at Christmas left me with three overwhelming truths. The first is that everything in this world is merely a holographic projection of another plane of existence, and our folly has been to believe that what we can see and touch and smell is all there is.

I came to believe that this is so because of witnessing things change in this world in a way that cannot be explained away by science. I have seen fundamental shifts in the supposedly solid and bound by the laws of science things. Principally this occurred on a day which was made known to me before hand as a key day in my journey, the 28th December. On this day I was in the midst of negative kundalini experience and I was presented with a choice to either run, or to stand my ground and fight. I had been thrust into an incredibly scary environment where I had been hassled by black cars all my way home and was surrounded by a large number of black cars outside of my home, and I freaked out. I tried to run away from the evil which was stalking me, and I ran to the nearby small supermarket, partially fulfilling a promise to buy cat food. As I entered through the sliding doors, I found the shop was filled with burley skin head men all wearing black leather jackets, and as I entered I felt their looks of evil and stares of hatred. Again I freaked out and turned to run, however the daily conventions I was used to kept my run to a fast walk. I didn't know where I could go, or what ultimately I would do, and all I felt was pressure upon me, it was immense and my mind reeled at my situation. my thoughts resolved to go to the next door church for sanctuary, however there was one more skin head standing outside the church, empty bottle of beer in hand and looking for trouble. My mind was set though and I walked up to him, and then gave him a wide berth by walking in the road, and out of reach of his arm. When I got to the church I entered by the back entrance and took stock of my situation. I think being in the church afforded me some protection as one quick phone call later I resolved to fight rather than run from this.

I left the grounds of the holy sanctuary to find the man with the beer bottle had gone, I then headed back to the supermarket and entered to find that all of the skin heads who were ramming the place wall to wall had gone also, and there had been not enough time passed for them all to pay and get out of the shop. The supermarket was still packed, but with old folk instead. I purchased the cat food and headed back home with a very odd feeling that somehow the world around me had changed. As I neared my house I found that all of the black cars had also gone, save for one parked on the grass verge. I followed my telephone instruction to photograph it with my camera phone and walked on by. I arrived back in my hallway with a big sigh of relief and a completely puzzled state of mind, I had been gone for 10 minutes. How had everything changed so suddenly.


The second revelation was that there are patterns to be seen. If one takes the idea that the world is but a projection on a screen then that screen can reveal god's pattern, like reading tea leaves or an author leaving clues in their text, but in the world at large. God it seems sends signs of his pattern that can be seen as visual subtext on the projection screen of life and if you are looking then you can see them and read them.


The third revelation was that people can be taken over by evil, like the Agents in the movie The Matrix people who are not aware of what they are doing can become Agents of the system. It doesn't matter who they are, family, friends, or nobodies, they can all turn on you if you are acting outside the parameters they define as normal and act as guardians of the system.


Do you concur?