Cold Turkey

I have tried a whole bunch of mind altering drugs in my time all with the aim of learning about the human experience and trying to obtain enlightenment. However nothing comes close to the joy and majesty of the Kundalini surge. It trumps every feeling I have obtained by drug intoxication and it has come without any of the side effects, bar one, the desire for a repeat experience.

This feeling is overwhelming and I feel like I have gone cold turkey on Kundalini. It invades my thoughts and my body aches for another episode.

Alas I cannot just pop a tablet and have it come on again, in fact I am not sure how to beckon its return as my experiences have happened spontaneously. The only pattern that I can remember about my occurrences is that in both times it has come about following extreme anxiety and fear. I donít have anything currently that is making me feel these things so I am somewhat lost when it comes to understanding how to get more Kundalini.


Any Suggestions?