Conscious Virus


I have just recovered from a viral illness, and as part of it I noticed that my mental state was affected like I have not noticed before with a virus. I was used to the fever, headache, and joint aches sensations, but I was not expecting to recieve a mental beating too. Perhaps this is because my body is more sensative to these sorts of things post Kundalini awakening or maybe this was a particular type of virus that came with a mental component.

It affected my mood, my outlook on life, and even made me enter into an altered state of consciousness and I could not prevent it from doing so, so I had to just endure it. Is it possible then that all viral illnesses can have a psychological aspect to them, and for most people they do not notice it, however with my newly tuned cerebral pathways I get an extra foe to fend off now?

I don't see why this should not happen, viruses could concievably be conscious themselves, and so there is a battle to be had now on the physical and spiritual planes of existance. Thankfully I defeated this virus both in my body and in my mind, and I will be watching out for the next time, forewarned as it were.


Have You Experienced This?