Day And Night

I remember now, many years later, that for the longest time I was "awake", I was alone and in a world of emptiness. I found no other life and no other life found me. but then one day I met evil, and that evil seemingly sought me out. It took me from my waiting room and brought me to the ultimate test. I quickly left the Desert Of The Real for a new relm, one full of life and overflowing with the forces of good and evil. As I reflect on that time I can't help but feel that it was a test of endurance that I was put through to simply reach the second test. In finding myself alone in the world of spirit I had to wait patiently for someone to come for me, but I wonder if I had given up whether the ensuing battle would have commenced at all, and whether I would have simply been reabsorbed into the world of ignorance.

In some ways I wish I had gone back, as what followed the emptiness was a spiritual explosion that took me to hell and back. I was innocent of what was coming and if I had gone back I would have saved myself 3 years of pain and suffering. However, I undersell the experience, as it also contained the greatest love and joy I have ever felt, but it came at a price. The price I paid was innocence, which is now forever lost to me.

Ultimately I passed God's test and everyone now knows where I stand and I cannot concieve of packing myself back into the tiny experience I called me, before the expansion. This world is magnificent and so full of spirit, and it is the spirit of good that courses through my veins following my trials.

As I look at the time I find it to be 11:11, and I am again reminded that perhaps the best teacher for me, is me alone. I have always learned best through experience, and there is far more to learn from doing things wrong and then correcting, than could ever be learned by following a teaching of only the right way, and of being protected from anything bad. I'll admit that it is not the easy route to take, but it is perhaps a better path to follow for ultimate salvation.


Could I be your teacher?