I am now realising the importance of diet in the life of a Kundalini practitioner, and the consequences of not being careful with what I eat.

On a number of occasions now I have eaten without respecting the rules that I kind of understand, and as a result I have had a terrible night long battle with insomnia and indigestion. I have been observing my diet over the last few months, and have a feel for what triggers I have, but I have not had the confidence to accept the evidence that has been presented to me. So I have repeated the same mistakes over and over and paid the price, lying in bed not being able to sleep for hours, and in one case literally all night long. I have confidence in my understanding of diet from reading about how important it was to Gopi Krishna, he didn't exapand on the exact foods and their affects on his body, but I feel the same debilitating effects form eating the wrong food.

Key triggers for me are Potatoes, Cheese, and Beer and I must stop eating and drinking them as I suffer so badly in the night, and then the following day.

It's tough for me to adjust to this new requirement in my life, i'm used to eating whatever I like and being able to have a good nights sleep. Now I find that not only is my life physically effected but I feel that I am spiritually sapped if Ieat the wrong thing too.



How can food be so important now?