Kundalini Is Not Like Electricity

Many will refer to the Kundalini surge as being like electricity. This is wrong and it is not at all like electricity, and seems to be like a meme that has gotten stuck in peopleís heads and prevents them from describing the true sensation. I was no different and would tell people that it felt like electricity. However I recently meditated on the feeling and realised that the electricity analogy is completely wrong. There are two types of electricity AC and DC and both will cause you a shock and a recoil to remove yourself from the contact with it, but it also has something called the Let Go threshold. This is due to the Amperage of the current in the electricity and at sufficient levels will induce involuntary muscle contractions, preventing the victim from breaking free of the source of electricity. The victimís body is rigid and cannot move, you are paralysed and will die if the electricity is not stopped. I have no idea what this feels like, but I know it does not feel like a kundalini surge.

The surge then is not electricity with its ability to shock at low amps and grab and hold rigid at only slightly higher amps. The best description that I can come up with is like an internal sustained nerve ending shiver. I'm sure that we all know what a shiver feels like, that rapid vibration that spreads across the body when we are cold. So I would say that Kundalini is like that but it is exclusive to the nerve pathways and predominantly inside the length of the spine and into the cerebral cortex. It is for want of a better description a vibration and I note that psychics, mystics, and spiritual practitioners also use the term to describe their experiences. They also speak of different frequency vibrations which have special meanings to them and I can relate to this. I have had differing frequency shivers in my spine that feel different and have caused me to question what the frequencies mean. I have thought that they are unique IDs of other Kundalini experiencers and that the spine acts as a kind of antenna for communication with other enlightened souls, oh there goes the feeling now. Maybe in agreement with my thinking!

One thing I have purposely left out of this description are the feelings and emotions that go with the Kundalini surge. This is so that I can investigate in this article simply the mechanism, and not the effect it has in terms of bliss, love, release, familiarity, and confidence. That is for another time.


Am I wrong?