Fires of Kundalini

I've been feeling the fires of Kundalini lately, for the last week or so it's been as much as I can do to try and appear on the surface that everything is okay, but inside i'm burning up.

It feels a lot like hot indigestion or maybe a stomach upset, and with it comes a whole mindset which is negative in outlook and it is constantly reminding me that I should be doing something other than I am doing. Trouble is that I cannot do something else, and I am constrained to my daily job and working pattern.

So i'm resisting the fire and surviving the burn as best I can, but it's getting harder. I guess I should count my blessings and remember that as bad as this feels I am really not in as bad a situation as I could be, after all I am able to write this.

I've just got to bare with it as I know it will pass as it has before, and there will be the feeling of release when it does, I just hope that it comes sooner rather than later.


What things do you do to cope?