Give It Up

Today I am filled with the desire to give it all up, work, family, money, and live a simple life.

The tug is really quite strong and I am resisting it, but with fewer and fewer arguments in favour of continuing with things as they are today. To score it big on the lottery or premium bonds seems the only way to create a win for both sides of this pull and the odds are against me on that front.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have only gotten where I am by living this life. If I had drifted on through my life with no pressure from any direction I wouldn't be writing this now. The truth of the situation is that without hardship I cannot know release.

At least this is how i'm coming to terms with my present condition right now. I may feel differently tomorrow. On my desk I have a calendar that features for October a sad moldy pumpkin that is sagging under its own weight and I can relate to him today.


Tips For survival?