God Save Me Now

It's been a little while but the Kundalini surge returned to me today,

I had been praying to god to show me a sign in my life and I absent mindedly started singing to myself the carol "Hark the herald angels sing". It hit me that I had my sign and the sign was telling me that I have to get to know Jesus Christ, who has thus far been absent from my life, and in thinking this the Kundalini surge came on.

I asked if it was telling me that I had to get to know Jesus and it said yes by surging again. I asked for confirmation and if I could get to know Jesus through Kundalini, and again the surge came on, strongly.

So, I don't really know what it means right now to get to know Jesus through Kundalini but there it is, my question has been answered and my compass has been set.

I went to the lyrics of the carol on the internet to see if there were any clues in it, and found the odd lyric "veiled in flesh the godhead see, hail the incarnate deity" doesn't sound very Christian to me, and is rather Yoga'esque so maybe this is the hint I am looking for.

End of the Day note:
I have had such a day of synchronicity you wouldn't believe, the signs and the word of god have been with me all day and I have the feeling which I can only describe as gratitude for the world being rebuilt around me. I've really tapped into something here, something good and honest and righteous. Wednesday 18 February 2015 is a day to remeber, the day everything changed.



Has god stepped into your life?