Why doing bad things is good later in life...


In my current situation I look back on my time as a youngster and reflect on the bad things that I did, and I find that there was a great positive for me in doing them. I'm not saying that getting in trouble with the Police is something to be proud of, however the act of performing a criminal act and the feelings that are associated with wrong doing prepared me for doing the right thing later in life. I find that the experience of going against the law when all around were law abiding allowed an understanding of how it feels to stand against the masses, and how to deal with the complex emotions which are felt through wrong doing.

This directly relates to the feelings one has standing for Good in the face of peer pressure and societal pressure, to do otherwise and to go with the crowd. I think the reason that people fail to do the right thing in the face of an onslaught of pressure is because they are afraid of the feelings of standing alone and doing something in spite of ones instincts, and because they may never have actually done so in their life, and instead they have just followed along with crowd, and do so even today.

When instinctively one goes along with the herd for fear of being singled out, right and wrong become ridiculous concepts and being seen to be a team player is the primary motivation, whatever direction the team heads. So to have trained oneself in wrong doing leads to the ability to stand against the odds and take action in a tough situation. Certainly in my case I know the feelings are equvilent and the same core factors at play within the human body.

In summary then if you ever wish to stand for good, alone and afraid of the potential consequences, it helps to have experience in being that person, and through wrong doing as a child you stand a better chance of being able to do this. It's like; to distiguish the light you must first know the dark.


Will You Stand?