I have been suffering with insomnia since my Kundalini awakening and I recently contacted a spiritual healer who specialised in Kundalini problems to see if they could do anything for my condition. they said that they could and so I made an appointment with them using Skype.

I subsequently had the session with the healer and it was pretty odd. I was asked to close my eyes for the whole time so I cannot say what the healer was doing for the duration of the session, and I only heard instructions that she gave to me. She had me breathe into various chakras as she did something unknown to me at the other end of the internet, so my experience in the audio/visual spectrum was of breathing deeply for about half an hour. One thing she said does stick with me however, when she asked me to breathe into my Sacral chakra she remarked that it was orange. Now I have a history of dealing with the colour orange and I do not know if all heart chakras are orange or if it is just mine. During this time I felt various things, and I don't know if they came simply from my exercises or whether the healer was actually connecting with me at some level and causing them. The main symptoms were a high frequency vibration felt throughout my body, a twitching of my limbs, and a cold sweat.

After the session was concluded I felt full of energy and somewhat happier. I shared my sensations with the healer and that was that, oh and the proviso was given that I should drink lots of water. Then when I went to bed I firstly got aching kidneys, which I related to the experience, as I would never normally have this sensation, and secondly I was not able to sleep, again. At about 12:30 I took some sleeping pills and then had a rough night, which i'm used to now, achieving about 4 hours sleep.

So in the short term, I do not think that the healing has worked, however I will have to wait and see if it has a longer term effect.


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