Jonas Elrod


So i'm just watching the film about Jonas Elrod called Wake Up, and I call fake on this maufactured nonsense. There is little to no detail about Jonas's experience, it doesn't conform to any known theory of this phenomenon and he personally seems quite uninterested in communicating his experience to the viewer or anyone in the film. The film is just a vehicle to show different religions and their belief systems in a stupid attempt to zip around all the facets of enlightenment.

However there were some good points in it in the background, there is a Christian preacher that has just echoed my thoughts on a subject. He says

"The devil just can't get to you, but if god alows him to get to you it's because he's trying to reveal himself"

This is totatlly what i've been saying for a while now and personally think about the light and dark aspects of life. You can't have one without the other, and being all nicey nicey and never knowing the dark side is to miss the point of understanding what is good.

Like Jonas in the film I've been asking for guidance and for a sign of what I am supposed to do, is this film the answer to my question?

Jonas finds on a native american vision quest that all religions point to the same thing, that they all have a piece of the divine and all are an expression of god, or a path to god. Perhaps what is needed in this world is a unification religion, perhaps that is what I am here to do? It's not the first time this idea has been presented to me, and I have been asking for clarification. However this plays right into the hands of the New World Order, for a One World would need a single religion!


Was Jonas just making it up?