Jiddu Krishnamurti

Thanks to Shankar Warrier on Brilliano I have now reached an understanding that I was reaching for and failing to grasp. Through his introduction to me of Jiddu Krishnamurti I understand that my prior urges to start a new religion were incorrect. My procrastination on the subject has given me time to arrive at the conclusion that my previous stance on individualism was actually the right way to go and my oragnised religious tendencies were a distraction.

When I first learnt of Jiddu Krishnamurti all I saw were contradictions, he had been the head of a religious order and had rejected it, he had had a spiritual awakening but rejected spirituality, he had practiced Yoga but rejected that too, he rejected authority, organisations, and any path or process. I was seeing the living embodiment of Netti Netti Netti, and not a lot of information on what "we" should be doing in its place.

I watched the documentary of Jiddu's life and still did not understand this man's teaching. Then I stumbled across his final speach as the head of the Order of the Star in the East and it all became clear. The truth is pathless he stated and by this he meant that you should not follow anyone. Within you, you already have the inheritance of mankind and all the answers you need. Simply, you need to just seek the truth and you will find it, by your self. Then of course when you understand you should not attempt to place yourself as the head of any organised attempt to teach others your path. Rather you should encourage people to go their own way and find their own truths. Ultimately if you then come together with similar people with a comparable understanding you may engage in a joyful sharing of experience but not to seek to control or better your new friends.

It is with this new understanding that I have put to bed a sore that I have been scratching for a while. I still maintain that Kundalini is a neccessary experience along the way and it does not carry the weight of organisation, or the pressure of control. The religious awakening too is a step along my path and becoming Christlike is fine as long as one does not then try to set up Christianty.

I'm back to my religion of one, I don't want any status, and I don't want any followers. If you want to share with me we can be great friends, but control in either direction is out i'm afraid.


Netti Netti Netti?



Date: 21/03/16

From: shankar07warrier@gmail.com

Krishnamurti was certainly a unique personality. I have read most of his
books. I must agree with you that though his thoughts are great, there
always were points I did not quite agree with. Probably because of not
understanding him in the true sense. It is heartening to observe that you
have been successful in assimilating his point of view. In fact, I could
understand Krishnamurti better from your writeup.
He had his vision. So should everyone striving to have a glimpse of the
truth be. Your decision not to teach others about your vision is right. I
appreciate that decision. All the Gurus of the past (not to mistake them
for the present day commercial ones) did exactly that. They simply showed
the right path to be taken. It was Upton the disciples to search for and
discover the truth for themselves. When the disciples were stuck at some
point, the Gurus would guide them.
All the very best to you.
vazhka valamudan