The Kundalini Process

9 months ago I had an experience that I could not explain, I thought it was a religious christian awakening, but in later days Ifound myself contemplating it, and a name came to me from somewhere. Kundalini, I was told by some unheard voice. I resisted it until I could do so no more and so I researched it and was astonished to find that it was describing my documented (but not published) experience.

I believed then, as I do now, that I had a Kundalini awakening at Christmas with its madness and subsequent elation, and the constant feeling that I am living in a hologrpahic world of mirrors and reflections, and I am reminded of Morpheus's words from the movie The Matrix:

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself."

My awakaning was not completed at Christmas, and I have been living with it ever since. It had a resurgance recently, following my reading of the works of Gopi Krishna. Unfortunately, as at Christmas previously, I am now under the care of the NHS Mental health team. They neither know or care to find out what Kundalini is, and I thank god that the meds I have been given do not interfere with the process, but do assist me in sleeping. it also makes me chuckle that of the two pills I take, one of them is blue and the other is red. Taking both it seems cancels out any effects of either, and this is giving me some restpite from the process.

So now I write this entry into a new segment of my website as a new dawn rises in my life, I have lost the fear I held onto for many months, and I want to again atain the state of bliss which has back-lit my two expereiences. I will endeavour to describe some of the expereiences I am having in this segment, and document the process as it happens.

Finally I do not know why I have been chosen for this experience out of many more privelaged individuals, and am left with the feeling that I am a pirate who has hacked into this experience that was meant for another. However I sit before you now, honest and truthful in my testimony, and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.



Is Kundalini limited only to Yogis?