Kundalini Awakening Named

I donít know where the term Kundalini came from, but in days subsequent to my experience I was aware of this term having been assigned by me to that experience.

Whether it was a term I read years previous and the experience sparked a recognition of a subliminal memory, I cannot say. All I know is that I was suddenly calling my experience a Kundalini Awakening. I was drawn then to look up the name Kundalini and gain an understanding of what it meant. It was unsurprising to me in those early days that the definition of Kundalini matched what I had been through and with this new term I set forth to understand more about it. I contacted a Wheel of Yoga teacher who then put me in touch with another local teacher who had experience of Kundalini, and I made an appointment to go and see her.

She advised me to practise Pranayama with the intent of getting rid of bad energy from my body on the outward breath, and this was at odds with my own prior yoga practise (which was to bring energy into my body with the inward breath) but I took her advice and started to practice this technique.

I was also introduced to Gopi Krishna by my teacher, and I have been learning about Kundalini through Gopiís books ever since.


Where did Kundalini come from?