Kundalini As A Form Of Communication

In my experiences over the last two and a half years I have explored different characteristics of the Kundalini process, and reflecting upon these; Kundalini has brought me the feeling of absolute love and bliss, an all-encompassing vision of being at one with the universe and of my soul going on beyond death, and I have most recently had the perception that spirits are communicating with me. It is this last experience that is off the chart, it is one that I had not expected and have no gauge to compare it to. So it is this last experience that went beyond my Overton window and I am trying to understand now.

As crazy as it seems it appears that I have used Kundalini energy as a form of communication with spirits, and what is more I have always felt that this has been a part of the Kundalini process since its awakening in me in 2013. Since my first experience I have called out for spiritual help and I have been rewarded with the Kundalini surge through my body. I have asked for help from biblical characters, from dead historical figures, and from people I know who are alive and spiritual themselves. In each case I have gained a response that has bolstered my condition and allowed me to fend of my perceived foes. In my most recent experience I was not squaring up to evil and I was able to calmly have a conversation with biblical characters. I learnt that the Kundalini surge could not just bring feelings of ecstasy, but could respond to my questioning of spirits. I found that a ecstatic surge up my back and into my skull was effectively a yes response to a question and the lack of any response to my question was a no. I also perceived a tickling sensation at the base of my spine which represented a maybe response. So with these basic communication building blocks I began to converse in my altered state of awareness.

While I am quite happy with my understanding of this experience I realise that unless anyone else has had the same experience it will be hard to take as real. So i've gone looking for references that back up what I am saying.

I came across three references to this in Gopi Krishna's autobiography; Living with Kundalini, and he writes about the psychic powers that may be acquired through Awakening Kundalini all over the place.

p143 "strange mental conditions, varying from moment to moment, exhibiting in the beginning the abnormal peculiarities of a medium"

p182 "to provide a channel of communication with the super-sensible, the divine, or the occult"

p326 "they possess a mysterious link with, or control over, subtle intelligent forces of nature and command over the elementals and spirits"

The Kundalini Research Project lists among Kundaliniís benefits the "connecting to angels or guides"


This site also says "They develop clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, psychotelekinesis, the ability to heal, etc"


One of the members of Brilliano, Kathleen, put me onto a French-Canadian healer called Denis Chagnon who has confirmed that he awakened Kundalini and in a video of his says that he talks with angels and spirits.


cit-sakti.com lists among the characteristics of Kundalini "hear divine sounds and experience divine touch and receive instructions from gods"


And here is a practical guide to Kundalini and Astral communication from Shakti-progress.com


So I feel I have somewhat established the link between Kundalini and communication and my own experience of it can be found here:

http://www.closertogod.net/thoughts/NewReligion/Paul.htm and here:


What remains for me now is to wonder if this technique can be used between Kundalini practitioners, is it possible for two living people to communicate using Kundalini energy. I certainly hope so.



Communicate with me!