I had a Kundalini surge the other day without even attempting to meditate, the electricity feeling that passed through my body was stong and lasted a considerable time, it also came with a strong sense of being in the presence of something good and righteous. Maybe Nigel was right about Yoga not being needed.

While i'm on the subject, I have received some feedback about yoga being satanic and witchcraft. I would in light of this like to state the following:

I am not a satanist nor will I ever be one,

I am not a witch and will never be one,

I am not a paedophile, and will never abuse children,

I am not a pervert, although must admit to trying one or two sexual things in my youth,

I do not join clubs, open or secret,

I am not religious and am not a Christian, however I share a lot of Christian traits in my world view, but then there's also a large chunk of Hindu, Budhist, Shaman traits and a whole bunch of other stuff.



Polysolipsism it is then?