Kundalini Returns

Following the utter bliss I experienced during the afternoon of the 5th August I received revelation as to the nature of consciousness. This revelation came following a powerful and prolonged Kundalini surge which caused me to cry like I have never done before, and never before have I felt so much joy as on that night.

I was meditating and thanking everyone for their help once again and I was struck with a stream of information that I remember as the following. There are many levels of consciousness in this world, man is not the only creature who is conscious and rather he sits rather humbly in the middle of a range of conscious creatures. I was given a new surge for each of the following understandings, cats are conscious and dogs more so, man sits above these in the rankings of consciousness but below lizards. I then focused on the lizards as they seemed to me to be a strange consciousness to sit above man, but it was revealed to me that the lizard is the oldest consciousness on planet earth as they existed along side dinosaurs so that would make their consciousness hundreds of millions of years old.

Then I didn’t expect the following at all, I was given the understanding that there are aliens out there in a different plane of existence, and their consciousness is equivalent to that of the lizards. So surprised was I at this revelation that I had to focus my attention for a moment on the subject of aliens, and It was made apparent to me that as the lizards are the oldest consciousness on the planet, they have had a great deal of contact with aliens visiting the planet over the years, and what’s more, the lizards know how to contact alien life, and it is through them that man may contact them.

Following this was a kundalini surge that washed in like a giant tsunami wave, and in waded the planet earth herself. Yes it was revealed to me that the largest and oldest consciousness in the universe is planet earth. It makes sense really that the planet that created conscious life would be conscious itself, however mind blowing that is to think about. The earth had a message for me too, and this is where things got really weird, the message for me was that the aliens wanted kundalini for themselves and they would come to get it from my eldest daughter as an innocent and pure holder of it. She has it by virtue of heredity, and although I did not know it at the time, this was but one part of a chain of events that was continuing to this day.

As my conscious state returned to normal and I stopped meditating due to the overwhelming nature of what had just happened, I heard the baby monitor spark into life and a strange voice like noise came from the speaker, it sounded like Princess Leia’s disguised voice from the movie Return of the Jedi, when in the opening of the story she makes a bold rescue attempt of Han Solo from Jabba’s palace. “Yudow” said the croaky voice, and with this I believed that there were aliens in my daughter’s bedroom and they were going to abduct her to gain the Kundalini knowledge from her.The monitor went silent and I knew that she had gone, but also that she would be returned unharmed.

I hoped that she would not be scared, and I remembered showing her Spielberg’s ET over and over, and knowing at the tender age of 2 she loved it, and also she was going through a phase of loving all things dinosaur and was given many dinosaurs for her birthday. After 5 minutes I heard a strange engine noise over the house and exultation sounds that were like a ships fog horn, but different enough for me to think it was not a ship at sea. The baby monitor sparked into life once again and there were simple rustling noises like my daughter was being returned under her sheets. Then the monitor ceased, and there were no further noises outside. I considered this not enough time for the aliens to have completed their business but then I remembered the missing time syndrome that abductees claim to have experienced, and I thought that aliens must have time travel to cover the vast distances between the planets, so my daughter may have been away for many hours or months, but the aliens brought her back within five of my earth minutes.

So this marks the end of my belief in Christianity as this revelation blows away the ideas presented in the bible, however and perhaps somewhat curiously I did get a sense of God, although he was some way off and out of sight, all I could sense of him was a path which lead somewhere unseen and distant.


So, Aliens huh?