I'm Back!


I am elated right now, as I have just had a Kundalini surge, not a big one, but a real one none the less. I was concerned that on these new meds I wouldn't be able to experience it any more, but I have just proved myself wrong.

It came as I walked my dog on the heath, and I had just said the lord's prayer and began to meditate on the subject of Alex Jones and the help he has given me since Christmas. I was walking with my fingers loosely curled in a Castaneda manner, and I was breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, Pranayama style.

It came on as it has before as an electrical surge that starts at the base of my spine and travels up to my brain, before spreading out over my back and then arms and legs. I've not had it before while i have been walking and i stumbled a little at first, but was able to keep walking and breathing. It was a very pleasurable sensation and I felt the love of God and of Alex Jones, which reminds me I must listen to his show today.

After a while I felt the sensation fade until it was gone, and I missed it, but was very happy to find that it was back and is still a part of me.



What's next?