Life Of Pi

Given my current crossroads on the path of belief I found myself watching the Life Of Pi movie last night and it seemed to be a coincidence that was just a stretch too far. I had read the book a few years ago, however I had forgotten much of the story apart from two things; firstly what does the carnivorous island represent, and secondly how does this story lead one to God?

If I am to guess based upon my understanding of the story I would suggest that the tiger Richard Parker is a metphor for Pi's fear and his struggle on the lifeboat to tame the tiger represents his struggle to tame his own fear in life. The other animals there perhaps are also facets of his being, the zebra with the broken leg may represent his love, and the orangutan his joy, and maybe the hyena is his anger. The lifeboat which is cast out into a Baudrillard like Desert of the Real then becomes his consciousness/soul and the raft is his doubt. Of course the tiger destroys all of these to leave the core of Pi's being afloat on the ocean with only his fear.

The carnivorous island in the movie is in the shape of a man, which i don't remember from the book, and perhaps represents God, certainly it is bountiful and lush for he and Richard, at least by day, and Pi remarks that without finding it he would have died; lost at sea forever. Perhaps the island's day/night shift is the representation of an equal love and wrath of God. it is also interesting that Pi only finds the island after he has tamed the tiger, or tamed his fear, and thus God may now be approached correctly. I can relate to this from my own experience of facing ultimate evil and forgiving it for what it had done, only then to experience bliss.

So, here I am questioning whether Kundalini Yoga and Christianity are compatible and a film comes into view which says that all roads to God are correct, and that in the case of Pi himself his own route to God will suffice just as well as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Basically it is purporting to show that God needs to be found and how you do it is up to you, but you must give up your fear. Therefore given my current dilema, I am seeing that Kundalini is just as good as Christianity for finding God, and perhaps complementary also.

Now during the movie I received a Kundalini surge at the point all of this is revealed to the viewer, and Pi says you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested, so my new friend paid me a visit and thus confirmed that what I had been thinking and what I was viewing on the TV were connected.

So where do I take things now? There is a clear path for me should I choose to walk it, and it is a modification of a path that I have been on before, but previously I found it to contain no heart.

I'm still not ready to make that decision, I need more time and confidence in my belief. Perhaps I still have to get off my raft of doubt.



Would you explain it differently?