Living with Kundalini

I believed for the longest time that the Gopi Krishna book Evolutionary energy in man was the same book as living with Kundalini, and thus I never read the latter, however I recently found out that it is not the same book and living with Kundalini is two thirds different. Upon learning this I was suddenly eager to get a copy and to read these additional chapters of Gopi's life story.

Well thankfully I now have a copy and I started reading it last night, I went straight for the chapter on Gopi standing against corruption, and I was taken aback by the similarities between his experience and my own in the workplace. Following this chapter was the documented Kundalini awakening, in glorious detail that I had only hoped to read. I thanked God that this existed as it is something i've wanted to know about for ages, and believed from Gopi's own words in one of his other books that he wouldn't talk about it.
Anyway here it was and my mind was quite literally blown away by the similarities between his awakening and my own. Gopi writes about his paranoia about things ahead of the experience, about fear and panic before the awakening, about witnessing things such as visions of haggard faces tormenting him, physical discomfort in his stomach, and of shaking, all before a critical moment where he felt he could not stand it anymore. Finally Gopi realised that he had raised Kundalini in the Pingala Nadi and was able to switch it to the Sushumna Nadi for release and this lead to the full Kundalini surge and subsequent bliss. For me this was slightly different as I did not know anything about Kundalini or Nadis, and did not have the education which Gopi had. Where as his switch from Pingala to Sushumna came as a snap sensation in his back, my own apparent switch came with complete surrender to the experience, and I gave myself up for death. The same result was achieved however and the same electric surge, enlightenment, and bliss followed. I hesitate to call this first experience the achievement of Moksha/Nirvana, but that was certainly the case on subsequent days for me.

So Gopi's experience and my own have startling similarity for me, and this further reinforces my belief that this is a sane process and not a random chaotic event and this is something the human body knows intuitively. As neither of us had a teacher to guide us, going on gut instinct was sufficient for this growing experience. It reminds me of a quote from the movie Full Metal Jacket: "Private Joker is silly and he's ignorant, but he's got guts, and guts is enough"


Have you had the same experience?