Lotus Feet

He finds the solid ground which holds the weight of all his world of thoughts, slipping from under his feet - Gopi Krishna, Ancient secrets of Kundalini.

So i'm trying to find solid ground in this new existence and i'm struggling, I feel like my feet are just dangling in mid air, no, more like they are standing on clouds offering a little resistance, but the point i'm trying to make is that I no longer have the self confidence that I used to have that I am standing on the same solid ground that others are.

I no longer know that people around me are trying to be truthful and are honest in how they communicate with me. It's like I now know that what comes out of people's mouths is not what I would say, it is not open and honest like I would behave with them. Rather it is filtered and tainted and this leaves me with a feeling that I cannot trust what they say, unless I know them intimately of course.

It is difficult to operate in such a world, even though i've been living it for so many years, albeit with my eyes wide shut before now. There is so much more effort needed in order to understand what people are really saying, not just what they present at face value and tell to the world, and it leaves me with a nervousness about what their real intentions are behind their invisible masks.



How do you cope?