Lunar Influence


Last night I slept very badly, I struggled to drop off initially and woke at 02:17. I felt very uncomfortable, not in my body, but in my mind. The issues of my working and home life became all encompassing and I began to feel anxious about them and they kept me from falling asleep again. Outside I realised that the moon was full and bright in a clear sky, however at the time it was just a further annoyance. I eventually dropped off again at about 4am, but not before having come up with a plan for how to deal with each and every one of my issues, and then oddly I started seeing lights with my eyes closed. It was like I was travelling through a worm hole and the colours were blues and violets, with occasional flashes of white like lightning. With this visual experience came a mental distubance as well, and I got the distinct feeling that my mind was fracturing into fragments, like shards of tumbling broken glass. This ended after a few minutes and I fell asleep.

It was only in the morning that I began to link things together, and the bright full moon suddenly reminded me of Nadis, Ida I think is the lunar Nadi, and when I linked this in my mind It seemed to make sense. Is it possible then that I am now sensative (along with all the other things) to the moon's influence? Is it this monthly cycle that is causing a rising in my Ida Nadi and thus effecting my mental state in the night? As I write I find that it is 11:38, so I say a little prayer and I shard of light beams through the window as if to confirm my thoughts on this experience.


Does the moon affect your life?