My Son


I was out walking my dog today, when I started geting Kundalini surges, they were persistant, and ecstatic. I asked who it was that was sending them to me, and I couldn't get a sense of who it was. I asked a good few names and none of them were correct. I felt I was being teased. After half an hour I stumbled across who it was that was in contact with me, and to my great surprise I learnt that it was my dead son. My boy who died in the womb 6 years ago. He was reaching out to me and in doing so he sent me a surge that seemed to lift the top off my head, I felt like I had been extracted from my mind. It was odd and I wonder what it was that he was doing to me. I can't help but feel that I will find out in the coming days.

After he left I became very emotional, and I walked the streets trying to hide my tears. I was so grateful for him visiting and also so sorry for his death. I asked for his forgiveness and he sent a surge that told me he had already forgiven me and that I did not need to ask again. I felt gratitude like i have not felt before, and I cried openly whilst nearing my home. When I got through the front door I lost it and broke down in floods of tears. I felt so fortunate and loved. I wished he could be here today, with his mother and his sisters, and he told me that I did not need to worry as he was with us.