Night Kundalini Again

So I awoke to another Kundalini surge last night about 3am, at first I thought why is this happening in the middle of my sleep, then I realised that it has always happened in the middle of the night. The difference has been that in my two big experiences I have been awake during the night and aware of its onset.

It was a different experience as I felt all three channels of Ida Sushumna and Pingala were active and surging, however because I was half asleep I didn't make the most of it and the experience was over fairly quickly.

So am I destined to always have an experience at an ungodly hour and need to prepare for it and make sure I am awake, this is gong to make things difficult with a daily routine to keep.

I am pleased though that I am still able to create the internal conditions either mentally or physically for a kundalini surge, even if I am not fully awake to appreciate it.


Do you get them in the middle of the night too?