On Teachers

When I recognised that Kundalini had awoken in me, all I could think about was finding a teacher who could help me through the transition. Try as I might I was not able to locate a teacher who could help me. So I had to go it alone, using only the books I could find on the subject as guidance. Gopi Krishnaís works gave me some solace as he also did not have a teacher despite his trying to find one. For three years I have done things on my own and Iím doing okay, I feel I have mostly transitioned now and I have integrated Kundalini energy into my life. I still struggle with Insomnia, but if that is the only symptom I have then I consider myself lucky.

Recently I have been reading Lawrence Edwardís book Awakening Kundalini, and the section on having a teacher has struck a chord with me. Itís not that I feel the need for a teacher now, and am happy to be by myself, but the kindly way he speaks of the Teacher-Student relationship, and of how one should seek a teacher to simply be free, has altered my thoughts somewhat. I would relish a special relationship with another awakened soul, so I guess Iím on the lookout again. If anyone knows of a teacher in the south of England, please let me know.


Will you teach me?