An event organiser was talking to me the other day, and he told me of a complaint he had received from this year’s event. There was at the event a black man openly selling gollywog dolls to anyone who would buy. The complainant said that this was racist and something should be done about it.

This seemed important enough for him to tell me about it, but I couldn't at the time figure out the meaning of this little story, until today that is. So why is a black man selling Gollywogs racist? It isn't, full stop. It might be if a Neo Nazi white male was selling them but that’s not what was happening. However that doesn't mean people will not complain about it, because it hurts their world view.

So I come on now to the meaning for me, why was I told this? I believe this was a little parable told to me representing what I am doing. You see I am on the face of it a non-religious person selling a religion, and that hurts the devout out there of each of the religions. However I am a child of my god (t6yr4 - Tessixy Arfor), in the same way as you are of yours, so all I am doing is telling my story. In my Polysolipsism religion, there are “many one gods”, none is the ultimate and none is greater than the others. Polysolipsism is a religion of unity and yet of diversity. It will sit alongside yours and interact with it, it will take elements from other religions and blend them together making it applicable to all.

I guess people don’t want that, and like their little tribe being at war with the other little tribes.


Am I wrong?