Psychic Attack


I've just come under massive psychic attack, the sort of thing you only see in movies such as Poltergeist or Scanners.

I had changed my sim password on my mobile after a warning I had received from the cosmic internet. I can't believe it now, it's stunning how difficult it was to resist that attack, I was writhing around inside my head like, and showing signs of physical discomfort, shaking my head and such, and I kept giving up the numbers I had entered in my brain because I was being forced to do so.

Quickly I realised that I was giving the enemy the passwords they needed to access my phone and I couldn't do this. So I kept changing the numbers but as quickly as I could change them I would think about them and then I would give them up. I must have changed my number about four or five times, before I had to pray for help, I again used the Christian Lords prayer to call for help, and I felt that I had to enter a random number that I would not be able to remember, but then I would never be able to change it myself.

I struggled with this for a while before realising that if I could enter a number long enough that I wouldn't be able to remember it but could write it down and enter it for myself later. So I did this and I was able to create and enter a number that I did not know, but that I had a record of. The waves of attack continued, and continued, but they did not get the number from me, as I had forgotten it.

Once this evil realised that it could not get my phone sim number, it changed tack and started to try and obtain my passwords for my internet account. I was being forced to recall my internet accounts and their passwords so this evil could write them down and then use them against me. I strained and struggled under the massive psychic attach from someone, or a group of someones, but nothing was discovered thankfully.

As I relaxed, I got the impression that I was done, but as in any good horror movie, just as the attack finishes and hero thinks he's won there is always one last attempt by the evil foe to try one more attack. Well this happened to me, and just as I was feeling confident the attack started again, and this time it was like a tsunami, it overcame me entirely and I knew I wouldn't be able to resist without help, so I asked for gods armour and received it. I also called on everyone who I knew to be good, to help me fend off this ferocious assault. After about 5 minutes I was sweating and my head felt like it was about to burst, but I held off and did not give anything up.

I then felt another attack, but I thought I was too far ahead of them now to be vanquished, selfish mistake of the ego, and again unfortunately my confidence has again tricked me. This time even calling upon everyone I know was not enough. What should I do, what can I do? then for some reason unknown to me Muhammad popped into my mind, I guess he saw that I was good and was fighting this evil, and he offered his help to me. I would imagine because of what I had written on my website about Islam saying to people that if they would write their own version of religion and offer it up for them to see, then it would be judged to see if it was indeed the truth.

Well I guess I have been offered an olive branch from Muslims, for Muhammad sent me a giant Kundalini surge and with this I was able to keep my attackers at bay, I thanked Muhammad over and over and then it became easier for me to resist. A while later I was tired and retired to bed, there were residual attacks but nothing I couldn't handle, and before long I was asleep.


Allahu Akbar?