Remember who you are

When I feel really low at work and feel like giving up, as I have done today. When I cannot stand all the BS going on around me, and dragging me in. When end up hating all of the political people I have to work with. I try to remember that I have this ability in me to reach Mocksha, the union of Yoga. Not only have I been there once, but i've been there three times, and hopefully can go back again in the future.
This is something that not many can say throughout history, let alone in my lifetime. There may be people soaring above me in terms of their career and in how much money they make, but I have had a one-to-one with God, felt absolute bliss, and been at one with the universe. This is something worth far more to me than any high salary, any fast car, or big house, and it allows me to rise above all the BS going on.
People may look upon me as a loser and treat me like dirt, but I have reached for and grasped one of the great mysteries of mankind. I'm not boasting here, i'm just trying to put some perspective on it. I have achieved what I have wanted all my life, to understand the universe, figure out what goes on inside our heads, and to know what death is before I die. Okay, I don't have a full understanding of it but i've made a start, i've knocked on the door and had it answered.
The next phase is for me to continue to push further, and of course to communicate to others in a common language that allows people to do the same. I'm nothing special, I do not come from a well-known family, I do not have wealth or influence, I do not have a high education, I have debts at the end of each month that bother me, I have failings of character and sometimes i'm an emotional mess, but i've persevered and despite it all I have achieved, and so can you.


Will you achieve Yoga?