Richard Bucke


I have just discovered Richard Bucke, a 19th century psychiatrist who had a Kundalini awakening and wrote a book, Cosmic Consiousness, exploring his experiences. Among his writing he covered a topic that featured in my own experience, but has since escaped my own writing. Richard it seems felt that he was being coerced into following old religions rather than to forge his own path, he writes:

The devil (Mara) appeared to Gautama as well as to Jesus [157: 69] and urged him not to launch out on a new path, but to keep to the old religions practices, to live quietly and comfortably. "What dost thou want with exertion?" he said to him. Mara did not seek to allure Gautama with offers of wealth and power, for these he had already possessed, and even the self conscious Gautama knew their futility. As already intimated, every man who enters Cosmic Consciousness necessarily passes through the same temptation. As all the rest, Bacon was tempted, and, as doubtless many others have fallen, he, in a sense, fell.

I had an experience on new years eve 2013 that I was being told to conform to Christianity. It was a powerful suggestion and I almost succumbed to its force from beyond the veil, but something in me said no and I found the strength to resist the presentation. I resisted and then fell into a comfortable sleep, no longer bothered by the propasition. It has lingered in the back of my mind since, probably as I never put pen to paper, and because it really is the last chapter of my first Kundalini book, although it never seemed to fit.

Now I find that this experience is not only shared with Richard Bucke, but presumably Budda too and thus it must be an authentic Kundalini experience.


Have you been told to conform to religion?