So i've had a mystical experience, but what am I supposed to do with it now?

Gopi Krishna writes that those who have awakened Kundalini should teach others. But why? What does it matter if everyone is a mystic/sage?

To use an analogy for my own understanding; if I build a boat, I can then sail on the sea, and if I teach all those around me to build their own boats then we may all sail on the sea together. But what's the point?

I guess sailing on the sea elevates one from being subject to swimming in it and maybe there's something that will happen when a certain number of people all stop swimming (with its inherant danger of drowning).

When we all sail together this is when the magic happends? Can it really be that simple?

Is teaching in itself is nothing, but when a critical mass of trained students is achieved a tipping point is created and collectively we make a difference!


It "feels" right, but intellectually I do not still understand.


Want to come sailing with me?