So I was browsing Facebook today, and I came across a post from a group that I belong to about Kundalini. It was about Shaktipat and I was curious to read it as I have read the term many times but never really understood what it meant. Well I learnt that it means "power descending" and I equate this to a manna from heaven concept that I already know. Anyway the crux of the article was that a teacher can and will impart shaktipat onto a disciple and therefor allow Kundalini energy to to awaken in the disciple. The text from Facebook is as follows:

Abhinavagupta describes Saktipat in the Tantraloka as an internal act by a teacher (guru) who has achieved "the highest state of consciousness and so is in a state of perfection and is therefore in a position to perform initiation" whereby he/she facilitates the descent of energy into the disciple. By this decent of energy into the disciple, the disciple's own Kundalini energy is awakened. Swami Shivom Tirth describes Saktipat as: ... the descent of Chit-Shakti (the power of mind-stuff) of the Guru on the ChitShakti of the disiple. The Guru is regarded to be spiritually more advanced that the disciple. When the higher spiritual power of the Guru is transferred to the lower one of the disciple It arouses and activates the disciples Chit-Shatki... This awakening and activitation is easily possible through Saktipat. The scriptures speak of four main ways a guru gives Saktipat initiation (diksa): physical touch (sparsa diksa), word (mantra diksa), thought or will (manasa or sankalpa diksa), and look or sight (drik diksa or driksanjna)

I am reminded now of my passing energy to my eldest daughter at Christmas 2013, and can't help but feel that this act, while carried out in ignorance, was preordained and part of a plan that I was unaware of at the time but was acting out all the same. Given that she was three years old at the time, I wonder how long it will take for Kundalini to awaken in her. Will it be soon, or will she have to wait like I did until my late 30's? It also raises the question of who gave me Shaktipat, and when did it happen? Surely I can't have had it since birth?


Anyone else want Shaktipat?



Date: 14/06/17


Joyful Guru

I am from Maharashtra
Please guide me to Shaktipat Diksha

Shiw Raj