I keep getting caught on things, physical things I mean, like a door handle will catch my trouser belt loop and stop me in my tracks, the corner of a table will hitch in my coat pocket, or my shirt cuff will grab at a dining room chair. It's like the universe is trying to stop me from moving ahead, from learning and growing beyond this fake reality.

Recently I have been playing with Virtual Reality and it has given me the realisation that this is a way to break people out of their belief that the world is real. VR bleeds into your daily life and I have begun to recognise sensations from within games happening in the real world. This reinforces my belief that we are all actually living in a simulation.

In thinking that the world is trying to hold on to me, I got a Kundalini surge as if to stamp authenticity on my thinking. It's the first one i've had in a while and It was a very welcome guest, and while Kundalini seems to reat me more like a B&B than a hotel these days i'm always happy to see her.

So if i'm growing, where am I growing to, and If the world is causing me to get snagged on things, how far will it ultimately go to prevent my growth? I've been watching the TV show The OA and it tells of angels having stay one step ahead of angel hunters, and of course deals with alternate realities that can be brought into existance by willing them.


Is this my path?