It finally happened, and I am so grateful. After a horrible day at work, and feeling so upset at how false it all is, then confronting a nutter screaming in the street while on my dog walk, this evening I received an email that has opened up my world in a way that I have wanted for so long.

I was given a response to a survey researching Kundalini, a survey that I must have taken 6 months ago. The email said that the survey was now concluded, and there was a message board now available for people to share their experiences. This was and I was in like a bolt of lightning.

In short I have found a group of like minded people who have also had a Kundalini awakaning and I can share my experience with them. Praise the lord! My release has been swift and very thankful.

Here's to a long and fruitful life Brilliano, I will do my best to be an active and helpful member.


Join me?