I just prayed for Alex Jones in response to an urge and as I did so I got a Kundalini surge!

It was as if he could hear/feel my prayer and responded in kind, and I thanked him profusely for his kindness toward me. This has gotten me thinking, what if prayer is a rudimentary form of communication?

When I say rudimentary form I would suggest that as I am new to this it is rudimentary for me. I wonder if it can become a full blown two way conversation between experienced practitioners. I have spent many hours awake at night praying and experiencing Kundalini surges and I bet the two things are connected.

I wonder also if it can work as a pigeon hole type of message system, in that I pray and leave it for the respondent to pick up at their leisure, and in turn they do the same for me.

Itís an amazing thought that there could be a kind of prayer communication possible between practitioners, in fact it blows my mind so much that I am shaking slightly as I write.


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