A Dream Of Jesus Christ

I rarely write about dreams I have had because I feel that they are simply a telling of a personal story related to whatís going on in my life and it is of no meaning to anyone but myself. However I have had a dream that was so vivid and so memorable, yet unrelated to my daily life, that it feels more like prophecy than personal lesson.

So then, in my dream I find myself next to Jesus Christ and we are standing next to a large church of the traditional English style, it is evident that the time period is consistent with the 21st century although he wears clothing appropriate to his era. He invites me into the church and then down beneath it to what is sort of a vault or more properly a gallery. He asks me to wait and he goes to a large foundation pillar. He begins hitting it with his bare hands and smashing the stone that it is made of. Gradually he makes a hole in the foundation and then removes the stone, tearing it apart with great strength. I watch on wondering why he is doing this until I see that in the pillarís core are people trapped within, both men and women, and I think that he is trying to free them. However as they are revealed they do not try to escape and simply stand there shuffling uncomfortably. Jesus removes the stone all the way around the large pillar and then just moves on to the next. I investigate the people who have been revealed and find them zombie like. They are clothed but I do not remember what period they are from. Jesus meanwhile is tearing apart another foundation pillar of this church. Again there are people in this pillarís inner space. I walk over and find these people are as the first, zombified but alive and I get the impression that they are people of importance in society. Jesus works his way around the inner supports of this large gallery and I fear that the church might collapse on us but it does not. When all of the pillars have been removed by this Jesus machine of destruction, there is against the long wall what appears to be a square walled off area. He again proceeds to smash at the stone and when he has his hands through to the other side pulls at all of the surrounding stone and it crashes to the now rubble covered floor. Within this walled up room is a winged and horned Lucifer with large fangs and clawed appendages. With this sight I am somewhat taken aback and I retire to the corner of the room in fear. But the monster before me simply stands, breathing heavily through his oversize chest. He does not react to Jesus or to the fact that he is being released. When the walls are completely torn down Jesus returns to the people he freed, and to my astonishment sets fire to them in turn. Finally he sets fire to satan himself and all bodies burn to ash with a flash. With a final look from Jesus, presumably he is amused by my shocked and confused expression, I wake.

So there you have it, a dream full of symbolism and on the surface at least, nothing to do with me.


What do you read into this dream?