I now know that I am not a Christian, and therefore I cannot become like Jesus Christ no matter how much of a cosmic consciousness I attain. After really trying to be a Christian in the first half of the year I have found that I cannot get to know Jesus as I was asked to do at Christmas by the Vicar of St. Nicholas church here. Jesus is entirely absent from my experiences and my understanding has transcended the Christian experience.

Instead of becoming closer to God through Jesus Christ I will have to go it alone and forge my own path, take my own journey to the source of human life, and death. This is something that I was doing anyway with Tessixy Arfor before my brief foray into Christianity, and it is a path I will have to keep traveling now.

Having said this I was brought up a Christian there are certain aspects of that upbringing that are fixed and will remain so, my morals, ethics, prayers, and world view are inherently Christian. So it is probably safest to call myself a hybrid of a Christian and Polysolipsist in that I approach God as a Christian but will get to know him as a Polysolipsist, and we will converse as a practitioner of Yoga.

For example my vision of the levels of consciousness goes way beyond the Christian universe view, to consider the earth as a conscious being would heretical to Christianity which preaches that the earth was created for man in the image of God. My reverse view states that the earth was conscious long before it made me itself, and as its offspring I inherit its consciousness, and also all of its other animal creations inherit its conscious too.

While my death may release my consciousness in a similar way to the Christian soul, it will be released to the consciousness of the earth, rather than return to Christian heaven.

Maybe I am a Neo-Christian?


So long monotheism?