The Authority Of The Believer

I've just read The Authority Of The Beliver by John Macmillan, and i've been blown away. This book is something of a watershead for me, it confirms that there is a war going on just beyond the periphery of our senses, and that Christians can be spiritual ninjas in this war.

It also reveals that the spiritual warrior is exposed to evil and becomes a marked man for repeated attacks by evil, and through the use of not just God's armour, but God's arsonal, the believer can withstand and defeat the enemy.

This is the first time I have seen Christians written about as spiritual warriors in an ongoing war, despite my thinking that this could be the case.

One passage from the book which has stuck with me and resonates with me is as follows:

A bottle may be submerged in the waters of a fountain. But, if the cork is not removed, the holder may wait indefinitely, and at last carry it away empty. In accord with this simile, multitudes of truly spiritual believers are, as it were, immersed in the omnipotence of God; it presses them on every side. There is a longing for its experience, and a belief that it should be theirs, and a readiness to receive, these things being the witness of their spirits to the truth which the Holy Ghost has unfolded in the Word. Yet, because their minds have been "holden" as they have read the Word, the simplicity and the glory of this truth have not dawned upon them.


What now?