An audience with the almighty

I am reading Gopi krishna's Kundalini For The New Age and find the following very apt in my experience:


Then devotion. Truth. Honesty, patience. Perseverance. I do not say that they can be cultivated in one day, but the attempt should be there, and nature is forgiving. But the attempt that has to be made first is to develop ourselves, because these are the characteristics of illuminated consciousness. When the man or woman is purified, all these attributes develop in him or her so that, if we consciously develop them, we are coming nearer to the higher sage.

Then there is regular prayer and worship, and if we meditate, that meditation, too, should be a prayer. Mechanical meditation is a hindrance rather than a help. So this is the path. This is the safest, the simplest, and the easiest path. First cultivation of ourselves. Giving up the self as much as possible. But this does not include giving up any basic urge or appetite, but moderation. Moderation in food, moderation of enjoyment, moderation of activity, moderation of entertainment. Excess of eating or not eating, excess of activity or not activity, any of these extremes is to be avoided. The middle path, as Buddha says. The middle life, but with these characteristics, to be like a child-as Christ said, without smartness, without cleverness to gain the advantage over my own friend or neighbor or brother.

Here in all these disciplines we are trying to seek audience with the Lord of the universe. Our ego must be melted first, and all that we do must be in a spirit of prayer, or a humble application to grant us the interview. We can never force ourselves into the presence of the almighty. No drop can become an ocean. We have to seek it with submission, with humility, to be like children. This sophistication has given up. Our hearts are to be purged of all impurity, and we have to mingle our ego with dust.

It is a very tough journey. But if one has a deep urge inside and very little ego, if one is true and honest, loving and sympathetic, charitable and compassionate, he is sure to bring success.



This is true?