I've been under a self imposed austerity for some 12 months now and it's so hard. The reason Ihave been austere is because of my wife giving up work to look after the children, and of us having only one salary to raise our family with. I read today that austerity is a way to God, and I am shocked but not surprised that this is the case.

With that said Iwonder if my austerity has helped me in my discovery of the Kundalini process, from reading Gopi Krishna's What is Cosmic Consciousness? I think this may well have been the case. As with other aspects of my spiritual growth everything seems to fall into place after the fact, and without prior knowledge I have been following the path. This is a reocurring theme in my life, that without knowing things, I have been compelled to do things which I find out later lie on the path towards a spiritual man, telling the truth being another of these coincidences.

It feels like if one listens to their inner drivers, then the path is known at a subconcious level and the uncovering of these inner drivers for the conscious mind to undertand leaves one with a "well i've been doing that already" type of revelation.

I am not at a point where the austerity is being lifted, and i am enjoying endulging somewhat after such a long period of restraint. I hope that I am not making a new rod for my back by doing so. If I ask of God what my fate will be now, he doesn't seem overly concerned about austerity, so i'm not going to worry about it.



Austerity is necessary for enlightenment to continue?