I've just had a revelation, which may not be new to you dear reader, in that spiritual reward is not obtained through an easy life, it is only gained through difficulty and striving to do the right thing in spite of external pressures.

I think this is why monks and nuns lead such a hard life, it is to gain the spiritual rewards they seek. If I try to get out of a difficult job, and no longer struggle, there is no reward. Reward only comes about through hardship, and hang on a minute, this means that anyone can obtain spiritual advance in any field of life. One does not need to be a monk or nun to pursue a good and religious life, and collect ones just desserts. Given this knowledge, if you wish to make progress along the path of enlightenment you need to put yourself into a trying situation and do the right thing despite people around you disagreeing and provoking you to do otherwise. You need to recognise then the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, saint and sinner, otherwise you will succumb to incorrect thought and behaviour in your life. People always say that Iím too black and white about such matters, but you need to be. One must distinguish the two or one will become lost in a world of grey, and in such a world there is no spiritual progress, rather is it a stagnation of neither of the opposing tenets. While you might not be bad, you are certainly not fighting the good fight (I know that is a Christian phrase, but i like it all the same) and are therefore not good either. I would rate someone who is black and white over someone who is all things to all men, at the very least it shows that they have a pair and are not acting as a chameleon and trying to be all things to all men.

So to sum up, if you want to learn the secrets of god, then you have to walk the path of a Christ, you have to face enemies head on and not shy away in fear, although fear is not a negative aspect and you must stand before god in fear to show him your respect.



Is hardship enough?