Holy Man?

I'm really struggling today with the idea of continuing my job for the foreseeable future. All I want to do is better understand the experience I have had, and quite honestly to relive the utter bliss that I felt over a month ago now. I don't know how I can focus on work when my focus feels hardwired to another topic.

There is something of a paradox here though as I write, because I am only afforded the time to think this stuff at work, and when I am not at home. So I am struggling with the balance and because I feel like my life has been upended by what has happened, all I care about is my family and my own personal growth through yoga, and yet work is providing for me to do these things.

The trouble is that I feel terribly selfish putting my own experience first, and in spite of everything else. Can I actually justify to myself the life of a wandering "holy man"?



Has anyone out there resolved this issue?