So i've just watched the movie Interstallar for the second time, this time with Ali, and I have a better understanding of its core themes now, and what's more I feel I have a better understanding of how they relate to my own situation.

The movie's themes are about love, time travel, and a missplaced belief in ones own importance. In my personal situation I have awakened Kundalini and it is channeling things through me. I keep getting the nagging vibration that it is my future self looking at me across space and time, but like in the movie perhaps it is not me but my daughter that is the important one.

If in the future my daughter awakens Kundalini and rather than scrabbling around in the dirt like I am, she cracks it wide open based upon my teachings and starts a revolution, then perhaps I am experiencing a genetic consciousness link here and now. If as in the movie, the love of a father and daughter is the focusing factor, that is how she has been able to find me across the dimensions. If this is the case and I am in communication with my future daughter's conscioussness then I feel the need to talk with her there. But how do I do this?

Here is an experiment, If my teachings are encompassed in this website, and in the future she reads this website, then this website is the vehicle for my communicating with her there. What I type today, she reads in the future and can communicate back to me as she reads. What do I say?

Erin, I fear my eyesight is failing me, I have worm like visuals that are slowly growing. I wonder if it is fungus as their growth is slow and their movement is with the turning of the fluids in my eyes. It is a bit like wet macular degeneration. I think I may end up not being able to see at all and I need my eyesight, I don't wnat my memories of you to end with a vision of you at 5 years old. Can you find a way of fixing my eyes here in the past? I love you and your sister and I hope you are both well, Dad.

There, that ought to do it!


Communication across time?