It seems that nostalgia works on a 30 year lifecycle, and things especially for those who were at a suseptable age 30 years prior are almost tuned into nostalgia, perhaps beacuse their youth. Nostalgia then is a predictable outcome of growing older, and a nostalgia for 30 years prior can be used as a means to make money.

If one knows that anything that was popular 30 years ago, will again become en-vogue then one can predict and purchase investments when they are at an all time low, sometime prior to the 30 year spike and then wait for prices to climb and sell on the 30th year of popularity.

Now the gains to be had will be relatively small, given the nautre of the produce out there for say a movie, or a TV show, but it will be more predictable than the stock market.

So right about now i'm thinking that in terms of movies, interest will be spiking for Back to the Future, Mad Max, Rambo, Goonies, and coming up in the next few months; Aliens, Top Gun, Labyrinth, etc.

In terms of events, anything Ronald Reagen, Live Aid, NASA space shuttles, Commodore Amiga launch, Windows 1.0 launch.

Basically if you can acquire product that relates to nostalgia cheaply and ahead of time, it will be riding a 30 year high in 2015 and you can sell for a profit.

Why 30 years though? What is it about the round number that makes nostalgia for the past such a strong force in people? I do not know, but I would guess that it is a last leap of youth before middle age sets in, or in the case fo the second time around, the last leap of life before old age. In my case i think i am hitting that middle age cliche of having a full time and boring job, having two kids and a wife, and a longing for when times were simpler, and happier.



Any other things you can think of?