Understanding Death

More revalation, this is great stuff.

Calros Castaneda in the Power of Silence has taught me to look at death in another way. Rather than looking on death as an event that will happen to me in the distant future, I should look on death as an active force that is trying to kill me all the time!

He says that average people refuse to think about it as a way to stop worrying about it. However this is a travesty; "Without a clear view of death, there is no order, no sobriety, no beauty."

In the knowledge that death stalks me, I should be wary at all times of its presence. Carlos says to imagine death as a challenger in the arena of life, rather than a collecter of life once it is past.

Its me Vs death; round 28.

Carlos says "Death is not an enemy, although it appears to be. Death is not our destroyer, although we think it is." Instead death is the challenges we face, the opportunities we are given. he states "Life is the process by means of which death challenges us"

Maybe this is why I am drawn to Horror films, I am trying to understand the nature of my adversary!

Carlos writes that death can be defeated, and once this has been achieved, it will never bother us again.

How do you do this? By becoming a Sorcerer.



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