Belief In The Collaborative Universe

I have just had a nasty eye infection, my right eye went all gunky and I had trouble seeing out of it, I was getting blank spots, shadows and blur in my field of vision. I got headaches because of the extra effort I was putting into focusing through this gunk and it made me feel very low.

Knowing what I do about the Collaborative Universe, I didn't tell anyone but the pharmacist at Sainsbury's, He said that I should really see a doctor as only antibiotics would clear it but gave me some eye wash stuff to try until I saw a doctor.

Well a week and a half later, it hadn't gotten better and I was seriously considering going to a quack. I had managed to hide it from everyone so I knew there was no unwanted pressure on me, but it wasn't going away, I was beginning to feel panic building up inside me. The crunch had come and I had to make a decision about the doctor, so lying in bed late on wednesday I had a long think about the whole thing.

I really was doubting my own beliefs on this and thought about all that I have said and written, how the hell could I face a major problem if this eye infection beat me. I questioned my philosophy to the very core and weighed it up against the reasonable universe and scientific evidence. Was I wrong? At the first sign of a test was I going to run to that monsterous world like a child crying for its scornfull mother?

After much deliberation I came to the understanding that the problem with my eye was a problem that I could handle, I was going to stay out here on the edge in my private universe. This problem was within the boundaries of "I did this to myself, so i'm going to undo it". All I had to do was sort out my brain and my body would handle the problem naturally. So I meditated on it and promptly fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning my eye was stuck together, the gunk had hardened and was all crusty. I thought it had gotten worse and I now had no choice but to go to a doctor. However after washing it I found that it felt different, better somehow. By the end of thursday my eye had become normal again, I had succeeded in curing myself. My philosophy holds, science and medicine are not the answer. With renewed belief in my own view of the world I now look forward to more challenges, but have some questions.

I need to prove my collaborative universe theory, this was a pointer but not proof. How can I prove it? Maybe only a lifetime of collecting evidence will do that.

For the record I will sum up this theory here.

The collaborative universe is where we all exist, it is the universe as you understand it from your upbringing, but with a twist, a new way of viewing it. The Collaborative Universe is a summation of all of our personal universes. A personal universe is a 200m hemisphere in which your are aware of things happening and can interact with other personal universes.
Imagine bubbles in a bath tub, they may exist individually or group together to form bigger bubble structures, some huge structures may almost completely fill the bath tub. Each bubble is a personal universe and the structures are Collaborative Universes.

The whole exists because of the interactions and collaboration of the individuals, they share a physical and conscious space. Basically this is a summation theory based on M-Theory and quantum physics, the philosophy of Yoga, Castaneda, Watts, and the polysolipsism world of CC Keiser. None of those ideas work on their own but together they make up the Collaborative Universe.

The universe is alive and conscious, we are made from the universe and as such we are conscious expressions of it. To use Alan Watts' great analogy; like an apple tree produces apples as the fruit of it's work, the universe produces people as the furit of it's labours. The tree apples, and the universe peoples.

In this universe each of us has the ability to change our environment physically by using our consciousness. We are all like gods, but because we all are the same we cancel eachother out. We are all running round saying this is this and that is that and most of us agree with eachother, we collaborate our understanding with eachother.

It is because of this agreement that the world and the measureable galaxy is the way it is. If one of us decides that it is not true, then the majority will cancel out this new thinking, psychosis and altered states of consciousness threaten the status quo and must be thwarted for the good of the whole! Unless the individual can convince increasing numbers of people that they are wrong, then we see a localised phenomena speading until it becomes a new universal belief.

It is possible to live in a world within the world, and there are a number of beneifts to doing this, you can take the best bits and make your life easy, and for the rest you can make up your own rules and they will be obeyed even when the majority dissagree. There is a trick to changing your collaboration into a personal universe, and that trick is to not to verbally tell anyone what you have found, writing however is something of a golden ticket as it does not carry the same weight as speech and you are free to share ideas by writing.

What you must avoid at all costs is a discussion on your new idea, a debate or a conference is a death toll for this particular idea. The reason for this is simple, if you tell someone and they dissagree, their godlike power is a challenge to your own and you have to fight it, tell two people you have to fight twice as hard etc.etc. So by keeping your mouth shut, you can perform miracles (maybe) or at the least you can help yourself to a healither way of living.

The converse of this is true as well if bad news comes round, and you start to believe it, then you are adding weight to its overall effect, people seem to have a need for the negative and spread it like wild fire. Good news is not as fast or as far reaching. So keep that mouth of yours shut (note to self!).

How do you come to believe this crazy view? You have to experience it. To do this you need to undergo training and prove it to yourself. Religion is a shortcut to this state of mind; if you can stomach it. Otherwise read all you can, listen to all you can, and view all you can on the subject, stop the collaboration and use the scientific method to prove it to yourself.

What part do dreams play in this universe? Dreams are still an unknown quantity for me, my brief forays into lucid dreaming have given me a glimpse of something, but i'm not sure what. Castaneda promises other worlds, your opposite number, and accute perception, but I have yet to witness anything serious here. All i can say is that we spend half of our lives asleep (all of it in some cases!) and there's got to be a reason for it beyond what science and the Collaborative Universe says is true.

Is this just another game? yes of course it is, but what are you going to do with your time in this life, sit out in the middle of nowhere and meditate until you die? Pick a game and play by its rules, it'll be interesting, rewarding and you may just win! This is my game; and I am not the only player.



Each bubble is a personal universe and the structures are Collaborative Universes.


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